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Itty Bitty Beats Kids Music
We just love making kids music!
The award-winning musical duo and talented performers Itty Bitty Beats create original kiwi music for kids around the world.
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Colorful Bubbles
Our new EP Itty Bitty Bubbles is out now! 
  • Itty Bitty Bubbles
  • Bubble Shop
  • Blowing Bubbles with my Teddy Bear
  • Bubble Storm
  • Blowing Bubbles in my Bathtub
  • I Love Watching Bubbles (Bubble Waltz) 
We hope you enjoy our bubble songs as much as we have enjoyed writing and recording them!  Read a full review. 

We Love Performing!

You can book Itty Bitty Beats for:
  • festivals
  • community gatherings
  • private events
  • much more!
Contact us for more info.

Itty Bitty Beats


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Baby Loss

"We love Itty Bitty Beats! 
From  Ellie the Elephant to Kiwi Convoy; Dream of Christmas Tonight to Hot Air Balloon – they have a song for every moment that will move you and your little one in such wonderful ways." 

- Suzy Cato
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