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Florence The Flamingo - Itty Bitty Beats
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On the Move - Itty Bitty Beats
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Bath Time - Itty Bitty Beats
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Lay Your Head Down - Itty Bitty Beats
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Christmas - Itty Bitty Beats
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The Space Pirate - Itty Bitty Beats
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We wrote a song with our good friend Suzy Cato about the magic of Christmas in Summer, and we now have a book about it too... 
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Ten Little Kiwi Birds - Te Reo

Ten  Little  Kiwi  Birds is  being  released  in  three  versions,  English,  Bilingual,  and  Te  Reo Māori to  ensure  the  song  could  be  enjoyed  by  every  whanau,  kura  and  preschool  in  New  Zealand. The song is a collaboration between Itty Bitty Beats and children's author Peter  Millett.

Ten Little Kiwi Birds - Itty Bitty Beats
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Songs for Baby Loss

The Last Lullaby - Itty Bitty Beats
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Soaring Through Skies - Itty Bitty Beats
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They Say - Itty Bitty Beats
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Lucy Hiku and Jenny Payne a.k.a 'Itty Bitty Beats' make music for little ones with parents in mind.
Parents need to listen to these songs too (on loop at times) so it’s been exciting to hear from grandparents, parents and kids alike that they are enjoying the music.

With the combo of their tertiary music training and parenthood, Jenny and Lucy have found a way to write songs that appeal to the ears of all generations.


In August 2016 Itty Bitty Beats won the Tui Award for Best Children’s Album and Best Children’s Song at the Children’s Music Awards and mentioned at the VZNMA. Since that success, they have been constant nominees in the APRA Children's Music Awards and favourites at Kids festivals nationwide.

They are also supporters for Babyloss Awareness, making beautiful music to raise awareness around this heartbreaking topic.

"Itty Bitty Beats are two of our favourites... When they perform, the sunshine that is in abundance is something we wish we could bottle...
Their albums are full of great songs for kids and address lots of issues and fun topics too. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them for anything where the Itty Bitty Beats magic is needed..." 
- Constable Bryan & Bobby

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