Itty Bitty Beats is the musical pairing of Jenny Payne and Lucy Hiku. The duo has been busy making original kiwi music for kids around the world. In four years they have released three albums, a Christmas EP, a baby loss awareness EP and some singles.  
The pair met at Jazz School in Christchurch back in 2002 (where they also met their music-making husbands). Since having their children, the two friends decided to create music for their kids, which snowballed into this awesome adventure. Jenny’s husband Rob Payne has produced all of their music.
Sadly in 2009 Jenny and Rob’s darling son Leo passed away at only 3 days old. So every year Itty Bitty Beats releases a free baby loss song for the baby loss community in Leo’s memory.
Since forming in 2014, award winning Christchurch children’s music duo Itty Bitty Beats has celebrated four years in a row of being nominated for NZ children’s music awards.
  • Their debut album ‘Bath Time’ was nominated for Best Children’s Album of the Year in 2015.
  • In August 2016 they won a Tui Award for Best Children’s Album (Lay Your Head Down) and Best Children’s Song (Po Marie) at the Children’s Music Awards.
  • In 2017 Itty Bitty Beats were finalists in all three categories for the 2017 Children’s Music Awards. Best Children’s Song & Video for ‘Kiwi Convoy’ and Best Children’s Album for ‘On The Move’.
  • In 2018 they have been nominated once again for Best Children’s Music Video (Hot Air Balloon).
Itty Bitty Beats makes music for little ones with parents in mind. Caregivers need to listen to these songs too (on loop at times) so it’s important that music for children is easy on adults’ ears. Being parents themselves, their three albums are themed; one for bath time, an album of lullabies for bedtime and lastly music to listen to while travelling.
Caring for children is hard enough, it definitely simplifies things being able to put music on knowing it is made for what you need it for.
Bath Time starts with filling the bath and ends with a relaxing massage song. Lay Your Head Down is longer than a sleep cycle to help little ones fall off to sleep and stay asleep. On The Move has a dance song where all of the moves can be done seated and is filled with ‘I Spy’ songs, educational music and songs about trains, planes and even rockets into space!
Itty Bitty Beats are being played on radio world wide. They have performed a number of shows around NZ including the Canterbury A&P show and Auckland Kiddie Limits. The duo has appeared on episodes of the ‘Suzy and Friends’ show and they performed their winning lullaby ‘Po Marie’ live on Breakfast (TV).
We just love making kids music!

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